BBC vs APPLE in the battle of Radio download

BBC vs Apple Radio

For the first time ever, radio and music lovers will be able to download BBC radio programmes in full, to their smartphone or tablet for free, listen to them offline, and keep them for up to 30 days on the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

The update, rolling out this week, means fans can listen to BBC radio programmes anywhere, regardless of the availability of wi-fi or a 3G/4G signal - so that's on trains, on planes, at the top of mountains, or on board a submarine.

As long as the programme is downloaded in the UK, it will remain on the device for a month and will include all the music, and third-party content, from the original broadcast. These downloads will embrace the entire BBC radio network, including programmes such as the BBC Proms, Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, and a host of Radio 4 drama, comedy or documentaries.