Destination Branding - Web design by LMPP Studio

LMPP Studio were commissioned by Tribeca Holdings Ltd to design and build the Old Spitalfields Market site to integrate the existing market traders, corporate events and commercial retail sites onto a single platform.

If we stop and think of our favourite place, be it a city street, a theme park or a district, a common thread exists - we feel a sense of ownership of it. This sense of ownership is established because the place creates an emotional reaction in us. This reaction is based on both the promise the place makes and the experience it delivers. The two things must connect.

Home to one of London’s oldest markets where traditional stalls are next to leading high-end fashion retailers and international street food vendors next to superb restaurant dining experiences, Old Spitalfields Market has long been regarded as the destination to do all these things under one roof.

LMPP Studio positioned Old Spitalfields Market as London’s Urban Village .’ This describes a unique destination between the ‘push’ of international city trading professionals, and the desire to ‘protect’ the proud heritage of East London – both of which are major attractors for the destination. Our brand had to reflect this in every way.