London Design Festival

LMPP Manufactory 1024x512 2.jpg

One of the UK’s most highly rated art and design schools is joining forces with London’s coolest historic marketplace for LDF 2017. Designers from Kingston School of Art will migrate en-masse to Old Spitalfields Market to explore futures for communities and commerce in the heart of the East End.

‘Manufactory’ will see designers turn stalls into live making spaces and transform materials and stories integral to the market into new types of ‘produce’. Could discarded waste be extruded into yarn and knitted with? Could footfall data be translated into 3D-printed sculptures and souvenirs? Could the language of locals, young and old, come together on the page using an on-site printing press? Could metal market stalls be deconstructed and played with like jumbo-sized Meccano?

This live making event will pair the nation’s emerging design talent with the local community, schools and businesses, with each stall/workshop showcasing a material or story going in at one end, a craft or manufacturing process happening in the middle and new inventions emerging from the other side