Fight against ocean plastics

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The team at LMPP Studio have been collaborating with key environmentalist, designers, photographers and business leaders to see how we can help get plastics out of our oceans.

The UK collective, part of a bigger global movement aiming to resolve one of the biggest human-caused problems in our oceans. Out-There are sailors, surfers, kayakers, divers, coastal fishers to beach walkers & ocean swimmers but when Out-There in the oceans we want to be more than witnesses, we want to matter.

We see Ocean plastic not just as a waste problem but sign of our failure as humans. Of the 8 billion tonnes of plastic in the world, 30% is used, 60% is in/on the land as waste and 10% is in the Ocean.  

We are aiming to use our abilities to provide well-designed products starting with furniture to recall to life plastic we have left in the sea. We are hoping to raise awareness of the brand and therefore the cause. We will sell more, we will make more so we will use more plastic hopefully seeing a catalyse for change.

We are determined to be Out-There.