London's Dirty Bagels

LMPP Dirty Bagels Logo.jpg

Brand identity and packaging design by LMPP Studio for bagel pulled pork specialist Dirty Bagels,  a street food stall at Old Spitalfields Market serving London's best pork and bagel serving quality produce to make real food with integrity and great taste.

The owner Simone stated 'Our pork shoulder is marinated for 10 hours and then roasted slow and low for 12 hours before it gets hand-shred. Using only natural ingredients for awesome flavour.  Our Bagels are handmade fresh daily, free from artificial flavour and preservatives'.

The first bite into the bagel is the best - the juices from the meat hit you along with the creamy texture of the cheese. The toastiness of the bagel perfectly compliments these two flavours. A generous sprinkling of pepper and the lettuce base to round it off.

The sandwich captures the essence of everything that is good and wholesome about its components. Toasted bagel - crisp on the outside, chewy and sweet on the inside. The pork is very juicy and tender - the first taste of this bad boy is true nirvana.