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Creating ‘circles’ of obsession and making moments of magic.

LMPP Studio has worked closely with the Offbeat directors on this exciting project. The objective was to create a fresh, trendy urban donut bakery and coffee offer, inspired by the idea of clean industrial designs with an emphasis on freshly prepared produce. Messaging is personal with an honest, fun and direct approach.
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The concept has key elements that come through the brand and it’s communication; that the donuts are fresh, handmade daily with craftmanship and expertise. The offer is that the brand stands for quality products which are contemporary treats made for you with quality coffee. Making the brand young trendy and vibrant.
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LMPP Studio designed the brand identity, tone of voice, brand essence, colour palette, typographic style, hand-drawn illustrations and icons used across all communication and marketing material. All packaging was designed and developed by LMPP studio - this consisted of coffee cups, boxes for 12, six and three donuts, napkins, greaseproof lining and bespoke carrier bags. Interior design language was developed with exterior signage, instore communication including menu board, digital promotion, illustrations, ticketing, POS, delivery bike livery and staff uniforms.
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“About 1,200 donuts were sold on day one. Great reaction to the brand, packaging, look, feel and of course the donuts. You have created a lot of buzz and excitement, well done and thanks.
We had to close shortly after lunch as we had no donuts left!“

Brian O’Casey
Managing Director - Offbeat Donut Co.
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