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Sisu is a raw beverage company sold nationwide in Ireland offering a variety of organic cold-pressed juices.

While preparing to expand their product line, SiSu turned to us to help establish their brand vision and create a fresh new look for their products. Our challenge was to visually and verbally craft and communicate their story and ensure it stood out in a crowded juice aisle.

Since the rebrand, Sisu has launched in over 200 stores across the country and can be found in Ireland’s leading supermarkets and in numerous fitness studios, sports clubs and food outlets.
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Working with the Sisu founder and marketing team, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that went beyond juice to position Sisu as a modern, innovative wellness company with a clear message to the consumer: being confident in what you put in your body frees you to focus on the rest of your busy life. From there, we created an aspirational tagline, Get the good in, and a manifesto that elucidates the purpose and intentions behind their brand.
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