Luxury Skincare helping the ocean's ecosystems

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Marine-based skincare is having a major moment right now. NOR Skincare is founded on sea-based ingredients alone. Marine ingredients like seaweed, sea water, and sea salt aren’t just a fad or a skincare trend, there’s actually so much science behind them. Not only do they possess anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, they’re full of minerals that restore, replenish and hydrate our skin.


Ocean water is a powerful antidote for all skin care issues as it contains a nearly identical chemical composition and mineral concentration found in our blood plasma. This means, by adding seawater to your skincare regime, you can replenish some of the minerals that it loses on a daily basis. When our cell function is out of balance, our skin becomes dull and dehydrated as nutrients are not absorbed properly.

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Seaweed is one of the fastest growing organisms on the planet and is packed with beauty-boosting ingredients. Most importantly, it’s full of natural hydrators that help draw moisture back into the skin. Yet it’s also a rich source of vitamin E, another well-known hydrator, as well as vitamin B and C. All of which, will not only help fight pigmentation but brighten your skin, while protecting it from free radicals that cause premature aging. As it’s a marine ingredient it has a high mineral content, which will help strengthen your skin’s epidermal barrier, protecting it from damaging external factors, like pollution or sun damage. As if it couldn’t get any better, algae are also full of proteins and amino acids which will plump your skin, making it look and feel soft and radiant.

Sea salt

A main benefit of sea salt is the mineral magnesium.  Magnesium is great for your skin because it helps get rid of dry skin.  This will help improve the texture of skin and skin hydration.

Sea salt is laden with minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, all of which play a key role in our skin's health, function, and cellular communication. When your skin's mineral balance is off-kilter, symptoms such as dryness, dullness, irritation, and blotchiness ensue, especially as colder, dryer weather sets in. Sea salt from the kitchen can act as an exfoliant, it may have antimicrobial properties, and its minerals may diminish inflammation

Brand identity for a unique Nottingham-based brewhouse.

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Brand identity for A Room with a Brew - a unique Nottingham-based microbrewery and pub.

As the name suggests, ARWAB’s idea and story revolves around literature – in fact, the entire brewery is built around books and films. Each beer is identified by a well known book. They are just as passionate about books as they are about the beers they brew! 

Some beers they sell —

Beerfest at Tiffany’s ( Beer style Bitter )

Masher in the Rye ( American Pale Ale )

Life of IPA ( Indian Pale )

One Brew Over the Cockoo’s Nest ( Golden Ale )

Our work for ARWAB commenced with a through-the-line restyle and rebranding across all core beer ranges, signage and points-of-sale. Our vision for the brand was to marry the classic graphic film intro style of the 50’s and 60’s with the craft beer genre.

Full case study coming soon!

‘This is one of the best 'micro-pubs' I have ever been in and have been in a few!! The beer chose is great, the atmosphere is fantastic’.
Trip Advisor Review

Restaurant branding and interior design

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Located in the heart of Dundalk town centre within walking distance of great shopping this family-run business is recommended by visitors and popular with locals. They offer the flexibility of a delicious bite to eat at breakfast, Lunch or Dinner or a more indulgent al la cart dining experience.

The owners approached us wanting a fresh creative approach to their branding, marketing collateral, and restaurant interiors to harness their more playful personality. With this in mind, we developed a style for the brand full of eclectic illustrations and a new engaging colour palette.

A full case study in our work section

Easter Social is Here

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LMPP Studio created the Easter campaign for Old Spitalfields Market — FAM EAST, a three day family social featuring creative workshops and a pop-up market from some of the UK’s most exciting independents and makers.

On the Market floor, visitors can shop 30 stalls housing family-focused, independent or just plain brilliant brands, along with kids’ craft and face painting.

Plus, feast on London’s best street food in The Kitchens and enjoy the market’s surrounding shops and restaurants.

One of the campaign’s most gratifying thrills is finding new and unexpected pieces and putting them together to make a fresh look. The Easter 2019 campaign for Old Spitalfields Market showcases the retailer as the ultimate place for family fun and discovery. Designed by LMPP Studio, the campaign uses the word “FAM—EAST” as a bold, attention-getting graphic motif that invites you to explore the events and happening at the market. The campaign builds on a new layout design system and was developed in collaboration with the Old Spitalfields marketing team.

Old Spitalfields Market Fam East stacked.jpg

The stacked lock-up was designed as custom iconography and formed of market inspired shapes that create the identity. Repeated as a pattern on both print and digital marketing material, the simple, geometric letterforms become a highly graphic texture. In keeping with the theme of discovery, the letters can be used as mini-portals to focus on events, shopping and great food.

New Work. Fashion branding and Art Direction.

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Is Los Angeles streetwear having a moment? It seems that way, "LA is maybe not the birthplace, but it's the home of streetwear right now,". There are other hubs that have had their own success stories and moments throughout the rise of streetwear as a category, like London, Tokyo and, of course, New York; but right now, there are more promising brands coming out of LA than ever, many of them blurring the line between streetwear and high fashion.

LA is truly in cass—la DNA. Founder Cass Dent was directly inspired by the rapid gentrification his hometown of Venice, CA, when he launched the line. "I felt like our culture was just stolen from us and we were policed out of our own neighborhood; cass—la was a way to keep our culture and traditions alive," he explains, adding: "We went to elementary here; we went to high school here, so did our parents and their parents. We were here during the riots; we were here in the '90s; we were here for all of is, and we speak the true story of how it really was and is. A lot of people speak up for a culture that they were never really a part of, we don't do that."

LMPP Studio worked as it’s lead global agency from 2018 when they were a start-up fashion brand with a vision to become one of the world’s leading ready to wear labels.

We worked closely with the founder and leadership team to set out their growth roadmap, brand and creative comms, and generally how they presented themselves to the world.

This carefully orchestrated plan that spanned over a year period, and led to collaborations with influential retail partnerships, transition from off schedule presentations, to London and then onto Paris, stand alone store launch and ultimately label dominance with the fashion cognoscenti.

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Merry Christmas from all of us at LetMyPeoplePlay.

A great big thank you to all our amazing clients, collaborators and suppliers for your continued support of our studio in 2018.

Looking forward to creating inspiring projects together in 2019. Supporting your business and sometimes… being your brand’s emergency SOS.

Sweet Chocolateria

SChurros Exterior-100.jpg

We were approached to evolve the brand and environment, to translate the existing pop-up offer into a permanent shop. The brief was to design an engaging restaurant with a strong colour palette and playful tone of voice. The design would encompass both graphic and interior design, all wrapped up in a unique concept that would be attractive to a youthful, urban audience.

The concept delivered a south-American café style which is bold and vibrant and known as having the best coffee and chocolate on the planet.

We delivered:
Brand and Design Strategy, Brand Identity, Retail concept, Interior design, Freehand 3D illustrations, CAD Drawings, Site Planing, Packaging and uniform design.


A stripped-back social hub celebrating some of the best craft, small batch and East London drinks suppliers.

A stripped-back social hub celebrating some of the best craft, small batch and East London drinks suppliers.

A new social hub for the Market, the Old Spitalfields Market Bar and Bottle Shop is a stripped back and an uncomplicated affair. A celebration of some of the best craft, small batch and East London drinks suppliers.

A great meeting place for drinks before, during or after a visit to one of the amazing Kitchens on the main market floor.  Open all day, the Market Bar will also serve some great charcuterie and cheeses to compliment the drinks menu.

The menu will feature many of East London’s great craft beers and small produced spirits to support an accessible cocktail list. The all natural wine bar and bottle shop called ‘SLO Wine’, features wines sourced from very small producers using bio-dynamic and organic wine-making techniques.

The Bar operates a bottle shop allowing customers to take away many of the wines, beers and spirits to enjoy at home or as gifts.

Iconic Real Estate

LMPP Northern Squared Logo.jpg

The two MD's Jaye and Grant at Northern Squared commissioned LMPP to create new branding and logo design to reflect the company’s vision and positioning as premium developers and asset managers.

As a market-leading, tenant-focused real estate company, Northern Squared operates a portfolio of prime properties and urban business locations.

Inspired by the two lads Northern roots, we turned our 'two square' brand idea into a visual identity. The simple logo and wordmark come together to create the subtle outline of a community link. We used a fresh, single-minded approach to colour. And turned our square into a device for holding the logo typography.


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We have a fantastic studio Autumn intern space available for an enthusiastic and creative individual to come and work in our studio based in Old Spitalfields Market from September until approx December 2018.

The successful candidate will be working with the design team on a varied graphic, retail and social design projects. We are looking for someone who has a keen interest in photography and content creation which is needed to support our social media offer.

This is a good chance for the right person to join a friendly and creative team in our studio space in the heart of Old Spitalfields Market.

Desirable skills:
Some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/illustrator would be nice.

No previous experience working in a design studio is required
(we see this as your entry into the design world)

A burning passion for design and to work in the industry

Comfortable working within a team and alone, motivated enough to meet deadlines

Like our studio paper mache cactus

Drop us a line with your portfolio and why you want to come play with us.

London's Dirty Bagels

LMPP Dirty Bagels Logo.jpg

Brand identity and packaging design by LMPP Studio for bagel pulled pork specialist Dirty Bagels,  a street food stall at Old Spitalfields Market serving London's best pork and bagel serving quality produce to make real food with integrity and great taste.

The owner Simone stated 'Our pork shoulder is marinated for 10 hours and then roasted slow and low for 12 hours before it gets hand-shred. Using only natural ingredients for awesome flavour.  Our Bagels are handmade fresh daily, free from artificial flavour and preservatives'.

The first bite into the bagel is the best - the juices from the meat hit you along with the creamy texture of the cheese. The toastiness of the bagel perfectly compliments these two flavours. A generous sprinkling of pepper and the lettuce base to round it off.

The sandwich captures the essence of everything that is good and wholesome about its components. Toasted bagel - crisp on the outside, chewy and sweet on the inside. The pork is very juicy and tender - the first taste of this bad boy is true nirvana.

Boost Your Inner Confidence

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Our client Esther Stanhope - 'The Impact Guru' is launching her first webinar in her 'Top Hacks Series' — Go Esther and rock the Mic!



I’m preparing for the LIVE ‘How to Boost Your Inner Confidence’ Webinar.

It’s my top 7 hacks (seriously life-changing shortcuts).

It’s a subject close to my heart because I’ve had to hack into my inner confidence many times. I’ve overcome my fears and voice of doubt and I’ve helped thousands of women (& men) all over the world overcome theirs.

I’d love to share some my easy-to-adopt & practical tips for you to kick off your summer. (I’ll be sending you some fun homework too).

These comments (mainly from women) inspired me to put my 27 years of experience into a fun bite-sized lunch and learn webinar….

“I’m not confident to be myself”

“I’m not confident in front of senior management’

“I lack confidence to speak out in the boardroom”

 “I don’t ask for more money, I haven’t got the confidence”

‘I’m waiting to be confident before I go for the promotion, any tips?’

“The only thing holding me back is confidence”

Can you relate to these? I can. I’ve had to work on my inner-confidence just like 100s of women I meet every day.

So my question to you today is – how much self-confidence do you have in your career?  Is the lack of it holding you back?

How much confidence do you have in your ability to succeed?

You’ll love it. It’s a simple, fun way to develop more confidence and it is LOADED FULL OF Secret Shortcuts.

How To Boost Your Inner Confidence – 7 Top Hacks


Get on top of your game!

SiSú Tennis Poster.png

Enjoy a SiSú before, during or after a workout or on the go. Our convenient and healthy juices ensure you are on top of your game - whatever you game!

LMPP Studio were thrilled to work with the Sisu team on their summer campaign.

The campaign ‘Summertime with SiSú® ‘ features bottles of our great tasting cold pressed juice, captured in vibrant scenes depicting sporting activity, creatively made up with fruit and vegetables.

SiSú’s® cold pressed juice is our first product range and it has already gained a significant following in Ireland due to its delicious taste and being 100% natural, hitting all the touch-points of the health and wellbeing trend.

As we travel across Ireland, we are getting terrific response from consumers and retailers on the quality and great taste of our products. The market is confusing for consumers as many competing brands are a combination of pasteurised and ‘from concentrate or purees’.

We use:
- farm fresh fruit and vegetables
- are cold-pressed
- 100% natural
- and never pasteurised

The campaign is anchored on simplicity, we care about simple, natural ingredients in our products. We also fully recognise the importance of taking part in activity.

When you see SiSú® we want our customers to trust us to deliver on our promise of 'a small step to nurturing a healthier you'.


UK Cancer Charity Branding

simPal telegraph digital ad.png

Within minutes a luxury becomes a lifeline! We all take our mobile phones for granted. Following a cancer diagnosis, it is imperative to stay connected to healthcare professionals, family, friends, loved one’s.

LMPP Studio partnered UK charity simPal, working to strategically position them to become a public enabler of cancer support. With a strong brand awareness and user-friendly interface. simPal is the only charity in the world providing this unique service. Support provided by simPal is completely free and non-means tested. Their one aim is to keep those living with cancer connected during their most challenging times.

They are currently supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, from families with young children living with cancer to older people who have never used a mobile device previously. ‘Cancer poverty’ is something affecting more people every week. 

Man vs Tree

LMPP Tree Tek.png

We were approached by business partners Carl Stedman and Beks Bush to refresh their business, providing strategic and creative thinking to help them to transition from traditional independent traders to a full-service business offering both domestic and commercial tree surgery management, working with the most experienced team of staff.

To reflect this position, LMPP Studio has been working with the tree-tek to develop a refreshed visual and verbal approach rolling out across all of the businesses communications.

tree-tek provides the best quality tree surgery & tree management in Kent. We are all very passionate about what we do, always friendly and reliable and work towards British Standards of Tree Surgery guidelines, ensuring best safe practice.

Sisú Wholefoods at Dublin Airport

SiSú Wholefoods Poster.png

LMPP created a campaign for Sisú Wholefoods highlighting their new grab & go Healthy Snacking range. A growing portfolio of great health brands is being added to their core range of cold-pressed juices enabling Sisú to become Ireland's leading Wholefoods Company.

Customers travelling through Dublin Airport can now enjoy the full range of delicious SiSú cold-pressed fruit & veg juice. Pick up a bottle in Wrights in their new grab & go Healthy Snacking corner. 

Studio Summer Intern

LMPP Summer intern.png

We have a fantastic studio summer intern space available for an enthusiastic and creative individual to come and work in our studio based in Old Spitalfields Market from May until approx August 2018.

The successful candidate will be working with the design team on varied graphic design and social media projects. We are looking for someone who has a keen interest in photography and content creation which is needed to support our social media offer.

This is a good chance for the right person to join a friendly and creative team in our studio space in the heart of Old Spitalfields Market.

Desirable skills:
Some basic knowledge of Adobe photoshop/illustrator would be nice.

No previous experience working in a design studio is required
(we see this as your entry into the design world)

A burning passion for design and to work in the industry

Comfortable working within a team and alone, motivated enough to meet deadlines

Like our paper mache cactus

Please provide a short covering letter, your CV and portfolio to

New Store for Offbeat Donut Co.

Offbeat Tallaght Store.png

So great to see our client Offbeat Donut Co. open their new store at THE SQUARE TALLAGHT DUBLIN This week. The management team are pretty special and we honour our on-going relationship. 

They offer their hungry, sweet-toothed customers donuts that are handmade fresh on site throughout the day by talented bakers, unique recipes and the very best ingredients, which we have fine-tuned to deliver that ultimate donut experience.

Fade to Grey

LMPP Chatel Blog.png

Black and grey are the ultimate neutrals. It can be sexy, sophisticated, edgy or mysterious and everything in between. Black has the unique ability to fade into the background or be used as a statement color while effortlessly integrating into almost any design style. We’re looking at modern black shades with rich charcoal and indigo undertones.

We have had the privilege to work on photography, art direction, and colour trends in 2018 for the digital art magazine. We were commissioned to produce 10 inspiring pictures throughout the year. We will keep you updated.